Tips for excursions, highlights and sights in Wismar and Mecklenburg

Sightseeing tips in Wismar: Wismar for city romantics, sightseers and churchgoers

Wismar in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Germany and has been declared a UNESCO world cultural heritage site for its cultural historical buildings. Wismar's churches, which, in addition to their unmistakeable architecture, often host events and art exhibitions, are popular attractions. Wismar's historical city centre has one of the best-maintained urban cores in Europe. The Alte Marktplatz (Old Market Square), the town houses with their colourful gables and the Gothic brick architecture is highly influenced by the "Schwedenzeit", the 200-year occupation of Wismar by the Swedish.

The best pre-requisites for sailors, captains and boat trippers! In addition to the attractive old city with all its sights, Wismar also has a very beautiful harbour. The Alter Hafen (Old Harbour) still hints at the glamour of the Hanseatic period, when Wismar was one of the most powerful trading cities in Europe. Fishing boats, yachts, excursion steamers and ships of the Weiße Flotte (White Fleet) dock in Wismar's harbour today. Visitors enjoy the unique flair and from here they can book boat trips through Wismar Bay to the island of Walfisch.

Restaurant tips in Wismar: Wismar for fish eaters, beer drinkers and fans of hearty food

Freshly-caught fish such as cod, herring, mackerel, plaice and zander are brought in by the fishing boats in the morning and land directly on the tables of Wismar's restaurants. They can also be bought at the harbour early in the morning. The Mecklenburg cuisine is also influenced very strongly from the surrounding countryside. Hearty potato and meat dishes, kale and pork with prunes and raisins are typical of the region. The heavy food is often accompanied by a good beer – and followed by a schnaps.

Restaurant-goers and gourmets take a stroll to the harbour or the old city. Wismar is home to a broad range of atmospheric restaurants, from fine fish restaurants to elegant wine bars to traditional sailors' pubs. And most of them enjoy the picturesque panorama of the Baltic Sea. For example the fish restaurant To´n Zägenkrog at Ziegenmarkt and the cosy Brauhaus am Lohberg zu Wismar.

Connoisseurs should not miss the Wismarer Heringtage in March/April. The huge herring fry takes place then in Wismar's historical Marktplatz (Market Place) and the delicacy appears on the menu of most of the city's restaurants. The finale is a maritime fish market with a herring blessing and the legendary fishing competition in the sea harbour. A culinary event!


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